Snap Daddy has been cooking since he was, but a pup in the kennel. When he was in High School, instead of paying crazy money to take his dates out, he would win them over with his cooking. The problem was he would cook by taste and never measured any of his ingredients. Though this made for some great meals, they were hard to repeat on a regular basis. Thus the reason for not many repeat dates.

Snap Daddy moved to Texas in 1989 and for the next 20 years he perfected not only his love for Texas Bar-B-Que, but also his cooking skills of all things Bar-B-Que. While in Texas he would cook on his grill rain, shine, tornadoes or hurricanes, 3-4 days a week. To say the least, it was good stuff. So good, you could slap your Mama, but this is really not recommended.

When a job transfer took Snap Daddy and his family to Utah, the move was welcomed. The withdrawals of good Texas Bar-B-Que quickly sat in. After several nights of Grilling in all kinds of weather, Rain, Shine, Wind and Snow, the withdrawals were beginning to subside.

Why The Name Snap Daddy?

When Kendall was a pup herself, she didn’t have much of a vocabulary. This didn’t stop her from knowing her favorite place to eat and what she wanted. It was ‘Donalds’ and she wanted ‘Cheese’. This meant a trip to McDonald’s for a Cheese Burger Happy Meal and hours of play time. It quickly became a regular Saturday afternoon, ‘Date’ with her Dad.

One day, when when she was 2 years old, riding in the car with her mom, she start to yell, “Mac Daddy’s, Mac Daddy’s, Mac Daddy’s!!!”Her mother had to stop at McDonald’s in order to get Kendall to cease yelling. Once they stopped for lunch, Daddy was notified of his new name. It has been with him ever since. We just modified it to “Snap”, because all of her friends have come to expect great Bar-B-Que in a “Snap”.


A Tangy Texas Two-Step

Ya’ll will find that each sauce will enhance all types of foods, from Chicken to Fish to all kinds of Beef and Pork. You will also notice it is a great additive to your grilled vegetables.